featured artist: Cait Chock

Cover model Barbii Reeder was photographed by Erich Caparas and designs by Jhune Angeles. Featuring 7 fashion photography editorials and Featured Artists: Magdalena Kruszynska and Bora Lee.

The Alchemist is an independent, submission based fashion and art magazine.  We feature talented artists, photographers, models, designers, stylists, makeup, and hair stylists.  Each issue features fashion and beauty photography as well as fashion artwork and illustration.

featured artist: Gabriella Giliberto

Issue Xvi vol. i

Issue XvIi vol. i

"My focus is to draw the viewer into the fairytale world of fashion. What inspires me most are couture collections, bloggers, and fashion editorials. The techniques I use vary between watercolors and colored pencils. I like to complete my drawings with intense black lines that add a whimsical touch and make the illustrations come to life."

"My style hinges upon long limbs, jagged joints, and exaggerated facial features. I believe eyes tell a story, so they are key to all of my characters. I give my characters a whimsical, light sense while the theme or emotion may be darker. The juxtaposition urges the viewers to look beyond their first reactions. I want people to feel what the character is feeling and find a connection in those moments when they have felt the same."

Featuring 8 fashion and beauty editorials. Cover model Jenna Karan photographed by Alexandre Bui. Featured Artists include Eris Tran and Jessica Rodgers.