featured artist: Nadzeya Karatkevich

Cover model Anna Sikorska photographed by Andrew Tarnawczyk. Featuring 9 fashion and beauty photography editorials and Featured Artists: Maria Camussi and Giovanna Sitran.

The Alchemist is an independent, submission based fashion and art magazine.  We feature talented artists, photographers, models, designers, stylists, makeup, and hair stylists.  Each issue features fashion and beauty photography as well as fashion artwork and illustration.

featured artist: sandra jockus

"I love to observe people on the streets all around the world in various situations, and I reflect those observations in my illustrations. Also life in Japan with its wonderful seasons, traditions and neon lights, greatly inspires my work. I mainly draw with watercolors but love doing experiments in mixing several techniques. My illustrations are characterized by a big variation of colors and a love for feminine things."

Cover model Polina photographed by Yulia Otroschenko. The issue features 9 fashion and beauty photography editorials and Artists: Daniel Velasco and Irene Alvarez Alaez.

"I am in love with creating digital illustrations as it gives me a freedom to use colors and strong shapes. In general, I take my inspiration from Instagram and fresh fashion news. I not only draw portraits of celebrities from references but also I create my own designs and ideas using new fashion collections and looks as inspiration. I prefer to work as a graphic illustrator using bold colors and lines."

issue xix vol. ii

Issue Xix vol. i