Cover model Makaila Nichols photographed by Kristia Knowles. Back cover model Bridie Coggan photographed by Emily Delphine

Photography editorials by: Emily Delphine, Jaime Chan, Julia De Robertis, Migle Golubickaite, Nisha Sanok, Rob Gardner and Jessica L. Fogle

Featured Artists:

Antonella Buono and Victoria Jenkins

issue xiv vol ii


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issue xiv vol i


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color issue vol i

city issue vol ii

decades issue

Cover models India Gants and Dylan Green of Seattle Models Guild photographed by Lisa S. Town

Photography editorials: Anastasia Solodovnikova, Andreas Krisanto, Frank Louis, Jackie Gallardo, Johan Santos, Oscar Picazo, and Jessica L. Fogle

Featured Artist: Tânia Santos

issue ix vol. I


Cover model Rikka Logan photographed by Marta McAdams

Back cover art by Laertes de Oliveira

Photography editorials by: Marta McAdams, Nino Yap, Claudia Kraehe, Nikos Reskos and Third Balleras

Featured Artists:

Laertes de Oliveira, Sandra Rede and Rhian Awn

Cover models Sydney Kinhalt and Shannon Markesbery photographed by Randy Lefebvre

Back cover art by Miss Fluff

Photography editorials by: Fidel Gonzalez, Emma Barrow, Megan Campbell and Alishba Z.

Featured Artists:

Georgina Chavez, Ifigenia Sideri, Emily Brinkley, Soraya Matos and Teniah Miller.

the decades issue


the city issue vol i


Cover A (left) features model Francesca Bonanno photographed by Simone Panetta

Cover B (right) features model Kelsey Rogers photographed by Kristina McManus

Photography editorials by: Alexa Koegel, Carmen Rose, Domenico Donadio, Simone Panetta, and Oleg Nagel

Featured Artists:

Carolina Seth and Mond Kim

issue xiv vol iii

issue xiv vol iii


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color issue vol iii

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city issue vol i

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issue IX

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issue xiv vol i

issue xiv vol ii

the color issue vol iii


Cover model Pierre Tran photographed by Jessica Fogle

Back cover model Gemma Surgo with Fashion Models Milan photographed by Giuseppe Vitariello

Photography editorials by: Frank Louis, Giuseppe Vitariello, Aleona Sazonova and Dajuana Jones

Featured Artists:

Kira Krylova and Grant K Young

Cover model Beatrice Angelini photographed by Virginia Di Mauro

Photography editorials: Frank Louis, Jam Deluxe, Mark Francis Gomez, Jessica L. Fogle, and Vanessa DeZutter

Featured Artist: Monika Rozek

issue ix vol. II


the color issue vol ii


Cover model Rachael Ginzel photographed by Irma Lomidze

Back cover art by Gabriella Giliberto

Photography editorials by: Irma Lomidze, Jake Farra, Dennis Ardel, Frank Louis, Kristia Knowles and Michel Pinto

Featured Artists:

Cait Chock and Gabriella Giliberto

Cover model Annie Marie photographed by Jessica Portillo

Back cover art by SLVN

Photography editorials by: Scott Cooper, Jessica Passecker, Dario Sartori, Marios Gavogiannis, Michael Letterlough, Jr. and Liam Young

Featured Artists:

SLVN and Joanna Baker

Cover artist: Pippa McManus.  Back cover artist: Camille Pfister

Spotlight Featured Artists: Connie Lim and Jennifer Lilya

Featured Artists: Camille Pfister, Daniel Velasco, Diana Sultanova, Gino Eraña, Mariya Hristova, Alexander Romero, and Sandra Jockus

Winners of the Fashion Illustration Contest

the color issue vol i


Cover model Jake Roberts photographed by Frank Louis

Back cover art by Carla Han

Photography editorials by: Diana Santisteban, Ali Megan, Julia Rabkin, Brittney Mullins, Jay Wiggs, Theresa Hall and Kim Burgaard

Featured Artists:

Carla Han and Charlotte Celius Bjørvik

the city issue vol ii


Cover model Mega wears a gorgeous gown designed by Project Runway winner Irina Shabayeva shot by fashion photographer Lindsay Adler

Back cover art by Leilani Joy

Photography editorials by: Lindsay Adler, Kristia Knowles, Sissela Ørnholt Johansson, Eleonora Drykina and Andrei Platonov

Featured Artists:

Elena Fay, Leilani Joy and Zoljargal Enkhbold